With the ever increasing number of IPA’s, Double IPA’s and even triple IPA’s,  coupled with new hop varietals being introduced seemingly minute by minute, the world of hops can be confusing.  So we decided to do a series of tastings to help out, and educate our friends on the flavors they are getting in their hoppy beers.

How do you personally pick out an IPA?  Is it by name?  By price point?  By bottle design?  We decided to take that all away.  So starting on September 12th from 5:30-7:30, we are going to do blind tastings on hoppy beers.  Take away everything but the beer itself, no marketing, no names, just the beer.

We will hold five total tastings in this series.  You can come in, try four different beers with no idea what they are, rank your preferences 1-4 on a sheet of paper, and when you are done, you will be given an info sheet with the beers, the hops used and some other fun data like IBU’s (bitterness units) and ABV (alcohol).

After the event, we will total up the winners, and the four winners from each night will compete in our Night of Champions, where we will repeat the process, but with the four winners.

This will be completely friendly, this isn’t meant to crown the best hoppy beer, just the most preferred hoppy beer among our attendees.

In order to keep things fair, we have a couple of rules:

1.  Since this will take place over a few months, seasonals/one offs will be disqualified.  Sorry Stone Enjoy By and Pretty Things Meadowlark.

2.  Freshness will be considered.  On your info sheet, the brew date will be listed.  But all beers served will be within their brewer’s recommended drinking period.

That’s it.  These will be totally free, as are all of our tastings.  Let the battle begin.